Hooping - Hoop and fitness

The benefits of hula hooping.

  • Hooping works the waist and thighs, tones the abs, is a good cardiovascular workout and helps co-ordination.
  • Hooping energises you, relieves anxiety, increases flexibility, strengthens your back releases toxins and relaxes you.
  • Hooping uses many of the major muscles, toning and burning calories.
  • Our weighted (heavier) hoop may also be used for excercise. It's thickeness and weight provides the most effective method of trimming waists, thighs and working that belly!
  • Regular exercising with your hoop (5 - 10 minutes a day) will build and tone muscles, getting rid of unwanted body fat to reshape your body.

For example, you can...

1Try to keep your hoop in target spots.

2Try hooping with your arms in the air for 3 minutes, on the hips for 3 minutes etc. etc.

3Move the hoop up and down your body.

4Try to walk or dance while hooping.

5Put some music on an have some FUN!